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October 21, 2010
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Litchi,Oriental Blossom Part1 by ShinDirafeh Litchi,Oriental Blossom Part1 by ShinDirafeh
.::Might contain SPOILERS from Continuum Shift::.

It has been 3 days since Litchi Faye Ling joined the NOL
in an desperate bid to find a cure for arakune. Just yesterday, she gained access to a cauldron and has begun
searching the boundary in hopes of salvaging hints to making the cure. As human cannot survive in the Boundary, Litchi has to make use of Laojiu, her panda "hairpin" which originates from the boundary as well to explore the world beyond.

A sudden flash of bright blue light lit the room.
Laojiu emerged from the cauldron dragging along a peculiar device. "This item..! It's a seithr conversion grimoire!" She gasp as soon as she examined it close up. For a grimoire, it is rather small, resembling a simple red pea-shaped sphere with a hook attached, much like a earring.
Litchi has heard of this item from Kokonoe before. Able to convert seithr into energy for human use, the key to properly tapping into the power of the boundary.
It is so rare that no usage data has been ever recorded.

"Just a little more tests. Then, I can finally save you." She murmured as she pinned the grimoire on her right ear. If one can convert harmful seithr into energy that a human
can handle, it might be the key to reverting Arakune back into what he was before.

At night, the item began taking effect for the first time ever. Awoken from a nightmare, LaoJiu the panda accidentally tapped into the boundary in its temporary frenzy and went back to sleep again. This caused a sizable amount of seithr to flow into Litchi. The grimoire glowed faintly and just as sudden as it started glowing, it stopped.The black aura of seithr fades away, replaced by a warm purple aura that seeps into the voluptous lady.

The following day, Litchi woke up in horror to find out what form of energy it really is. Touching her body, Litchi's hands stopped at her abdomen. What was once a flat tummy is now a small belly protruding outwards. She gripped onto it with both hands, squishing it towards the center where her belly button is. Litchi Faye Ling is frozen with consternation.

A backstory to the Litchi artwork i did some time back then.
First time I'm writing a story. XD
This is part one of many others to come.
Hope you enjoyed it.

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Part 2
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